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Wide variety of European designed & manufactured customizable information display models - stands, holders, pockets, trays, racks etc. Freestanding and counter-top units. Adjustable to various leaflet and poster sizes. Ideally suited for attractive displaying of promotions, advertising, annotations, menus, pricelists, announcements and many other printed information.

Advertising Displays Multi Promotion Mobile Poster Stands 2012
Information stands and poster displays with brochure shelves - MagInfo, Multistand, Wing and Desk.
Information Holders Promotion Displays Racks Banner Stands 2012
Advertising displays, menu boards, memo and poster holders - Antenna, Bannerboy and Pole.
Information Stands Mobile Banner Barriers Mini Pylons 2012
Poster displays, lockable menu boards, information pylons - Tex Wall banners and Mini totems.
Poster Boards Displays Bag Hangers Catalogue Holders 2012
Advertising boards, info-displays, bag holders, ringbinder desks - Pressto, Bag and Visio rack.
Poster Displays Information Stands Racks Rotating Foldable 2012
Promotion displays, information stands, rotable information - Velo Magic, Swift and Poster Pole.
Promotion Displays Poster Stands Racks Bag Holders 2012
Information displays, advertising stands, poster holders - Flip, Flippy, Shark, LiftBoy and StopInfo.

KUNSTDUNGER, JANSEN DISPLAY, PixQuick, Magic Double, Linfor, Flip, Flippy, Swift, LiftBoy, Bag, Desk, Shark, Wing, Velo, Clear, SnapIn, SnapRex, Twister Quick, Pirouette, Pylon, Antenna, Croco, Aven

European design, manufacturing & quality.
Customizable production solutions.
Possibly best internet prices!


Universal frameless display.
New patented design.
Made of high grade uv- and shock-resistant polycarbonate.
For counter or wall.
Unique tamperproof frontal opening on either side ensuring:
very easy information change for introduced people;
being quite difficult to open for occasional bypasser.
Universal table supports for vertical and horizontal use.
6 sizes: for A3, A4, A5, A6, A4/3 and A8L leaflets.
2 versions: fully clear or with silver metallic varnished backboard.
For more about it please visit also Notice boards & info-walls .
Other frameless display model Linfor please see below.

PixQuick based displays PYLON and PIROUETTE.

2 display sizes: A4 and A4/3.
2-sided static.
3-sided rotable.


Display size A4.
Adjustable height.
Exchangeable displays and pocket.
Figural basement is foldable for easy transportation.


Display sizes A5 or A4.
Adjustable height.
Rotable displays PixQuick on top.


Display size A4.
Frosted acrylic.
2 versions:
with A4 display PixQuick and
with brochure pocket - please visit Brochure racks & dispensers .


Display sizes from A6 to A3.
Displays can be fixed in various number and positions.
Model VeloMagic accepts also exchangeable brochure pockets.
For more about this model please visit also Brochure racks & dispensers .

INFO-POSTER with click-frames.

1- and 2-sided.
For sizes A4 and A3.
Frames can be fixed also horizontally.
For larger sizes please visit Poster stands & displays .


Display size A4.
2-side bag holders with adjustable height.
Rotable display PixQuick on top.


Display sizes from A4 to A2.
A3 and A4 click-frames can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
Lockable A4 or A3 model for outdoor use. Inner LED lights can be installed along the top edge.

INFO-PAGER with ringbinder mechanism.

Catalogue size A4.
Logo-board can be installed along the top edge.


Catalogue size A4.
Optional banner can be attached frontally.


Display sizes from A5 to A2
2-sided displays, vertical or horizontal (except A2).
Can be attached in needed quantity at adjustable height.
Optional info-board can be added on top.

Universal transformable system MAGIC.

Number of exchangeable components gives almost endless configuration possibilities.
Displays PixQuick (see top of this page) of sizes A4 or A5 simply hook-in at needed quantity and height.
For more models and possibilities of these stands please visit also Brochure racks & dispensers and Shelving, showcases, furniture .


Displays and brochure pockets for sizes A6 to A4.
Just slide-on - fixes at any height and direction.

Display holders SNAP.

For vertical and horizontal use. 2 versions: SnapIn of silveranodized aluminium and SnapRex of inox steel. Sizes from 7,4 to 50 cm.


Magnetic front lid fixation.
New elegantly cyrved design.
Sizes A4, A5 and A6.
4 magnetic locks.


Sizes A4, A5 and A6.
For vertical and horizontal use.
Support "needle" can be silveranodized or chrome plated.
To see brochure pocket TwisterBox please visit Brochure racks & dispensers .

Frameless 2-sided displays LINFOR.

6 sizes from A8 to A3.
Transparent or in 4 colours.
Set includes 2-sided adhesive tapes and predrilled holes also for screw fixation.
For other Linfor applications please visit also Notice boards & info-walls .

Telescopic holders ANTENNA.

Strong "alligator" crimps.
4 sizes: from smallest height range 5-15 cm to biggest model with height range from 23,5 cm up to 1,2 meters.


Popular "alligator" crimps.
4 colour acrylic bases.

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