Literature Stands, Brochure Dispensers, Booklet Holders, Magazine Shelves, Acrylic Pockets, Stands for Hand-Out Printed Material

Wide variety of European designed & manufactured customizable printed material distribution racks and dispensers. Stands and mobile shelves for brochures, booklets, magazines, books, leaflets, postcards and other printingwork. Freestanding or wall mounted. Acrylic, metal or wooden shelves and pockets. Several models equipped with top info panels for additional advertisement, inscriptions or information.

Booklet Dispensers Portable Brochure Stack Holders Stands 2012
Literature racks, retractable brochure dispensers, magazine piling and stack holders - Solid Zip, Minirack, Cubic.
Booklet Shelves Literature Dispensers Rotating Foldable Racks 2012
Brochure stands multi shelve, zig-zag booklet dispensers, portable magazine racks - P-12, P-ZZ6, TurnPoint, SmartZip.
Brochure Holders Booklet Dispensers Foldable Stands Portable 2012
Literature displays, booklet stack holders, portable brochure racks - Wing, MB3C, MB4C, RealZip, SailZip.
Brochure Stands Dispensers Booklet Holders Foldable Rotating 2012
Magazine racks, literature dispensers rotable, booklet stands, design shelves - P-8D, Tower, Velo, RealBig.
Literature Dispensers Mobile Racks Booklet Stands Retractable 2012
Brochure racks, magazine dispensers, pull-out mobile booklet stands and holders - Compact, ZipZac, Velo Magic.
Magazine Racks Brochure Stands Dispensers Stackable Rotating 2012
Booklet dispensers, literature stands, A-racks, rotable magazine tower - P-1, P-2, P-3, Scala, Dacapo.

KUNSTDUNGER, JANSEN DISPLAY, OCTANORM, Wing, Cubic, Turnpoint, Tower, Dacapo, ZigZag, ZipZac, Flip, Flippy, Velo, Solid-Zip, FixZip, SailZip, Compact, MiniRack, LightZip, RealZip, SmartZip, RealBig, P-1, P-2, P-3, P-12, P-ZZ6, P-8D, FixTable, Show-Zip, Magic-Zip, LiftBoy, Twister-Box, T-tray, BRF, BRT, MultiPocket, Torre, Trys, MB3C160, MB4C160,

European design, manufacturing & quality.
Customizable production solutions.
Possibly best internet prices!


Booklet sizes A4, A4/3 un A6.
Frosted acrylic.
2 versions:
with pockets and
with display - please visit Information displays and holders .


Booklet size A4.
For pile-up quantities.
Possibility to add displays like PixQuick or Linfor.


3 versions:
A5 with 3 or 4 pockets;
A4 with 3 or 4 pockets;
model Multi with exchangeable dividers to produce either:
4 A4 horizontal pockets;
8 A5 pockets;
12 A4/3 or A6 pockets.


Booklet sizes A4, A4/3, A5 and A6.
2 shapes:
black board;
silver anodized triangle;
Simply hook-in A4, A5 and A6 pockets into desired slots.
Additional dividers change acrylic A4 pockets into 2 A4/3.


Booklet size A4.
3 versions - aluminium with either silver anodized or black panel and inox.
New - model with 10" video monitor.
Shelves and pockets are exchangeable to achieve desired combination.

Foldable stand SCALA.

Booklet sizes A4 and A4/3.
Folds like A-board.
Display PixQuick at the top.
Simply hook-in A4 pockets into desired slots.
Additional dividers change A4 into 2 A4/3.


Booklet size A4.
3 versions:
with 12 A4 pockets and logo panel.
wider model with 24 A4 pockets in 2 rows and logo panel.
with 6 top A4 pockets.

P-123 and P-8D.

Booklet sizes A4.

Zig-Zag P-ZZ6, Zip-Zac, Zic-Zac.

Booklet sizes A4.
2 different designs.
Model ZIPZAC with additionally customizable shelves.


Foldable basement.
Booklet sizes A4.
Pocket is exchangeable with displays and info-panel. For more about these please visit also Information displays .

Dismantlable stands VELO.

Various exchangeable accessories. Model with 8" video monitor.

Dismantlable stands SOLID-ZIP, FIX-ZIP and SAIL-ZIP

Various accessories.

Retractable pull-out models EXTEND.

2 versions - with 4 or 8 A4 trays.
Aluminium or frosted acrylic trays.
Easy carried in shoulder bag with separate compartment also for brochures.


2 versions - with 3 or 4 A4 shelves.

MULTI P-6, P-8, P-12, P-16, P-32 and MINIRACK.

Various tray versions - for 6, 8, 12, 16 or 32 fullfaced A4 sizes.
Optional top info-panel.


Ideally suited for heavier literature like books and catalogues.
3 different widths for 10 (5x2), 15 (5x3) or 20 (5x4) fullfaced A4 sizes.
2 design options - with silver anodized or black side-panel.

Foldable models ZIP.

Ideally suited for frequent use in travelling presentations, exhibits etc. In folded state booklets remain in pockets. To set up - just unfold, ready in seconds.
Very easy carried in shoulder bag or trolley.


3 versions:
Freestanding with 12 or 24 pockets.
Counter-top model with 12 pockets.


Booklet size A4.
Zig-zag shelves are additionally customizable.
For more information about these models with side banners please visit Poster stands & displays .

Universal transformable system MAGIC.

Number of exchangeable components gives almost endless configuration possibilities.
For more models and possibilities of these stands please visit also Shelving, showcases, furniture and Information displays & holders .

WINGO-MEDIA with 8" photo/video monitor.

Brochure size A4 with optional divider to get 2 x A4/3.
Accepts most memory cards and USB.
IR remote control included.


Booklet sizes A4, A5 and A6.
For vertical and horizontal use.
Support "needle" can be silveranodized or chrome plated.
To see display TwisterQuick please visit Information displays & holders .


Brochure size A4 with optional divider to get 2 x A4/3.
Special pocket design not allowing leaflets to incline forward.

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