Public Guidance & Queuing, Crowd Control Systems, Retractable Belt Barriers, Rope Post Stanchions Hanging, Custom Printing and Branding, Mobile In-Queue Merchandising

Versatile European designed & manufactured mobile public quidance and queuing systems - retractable belt barriers, rope & post systems. Up-to-date design and functionality. Anodized aluminium, chrome, brass (gold), stainless steel and even transparent posts & stanchions. 3 meters long printable belts. Velour and plaited ropes up to 2 meters. Range of info displays and brochure pockets. Unique anti-panic tension release system.

Belt Barriers Retractable Mobile Public Queuing System Stopper 2012
Retractable belt barriers, mobile crowd control & guidance systems. Economy and master design - Stopper.
Mobile Barriers In Queue Merchandising Displays Banners Tex 2012
In-queue merchandising with mobile belt & rope barrier systems - displays, brochure pockets, banners.
Post Rope Barriers Mobile Public Guidance Tex Double 2012
Rope and post mobile barriers - exclusive design in chrome, gold and silver. Crowd control and queuing with Tex.
Retractable Barriers Belt Printed Mobile Crowd Control System 2012
Mobile belt barriers, retractable public guidance & queuing systems. Customized belt printing up to 3m - Stopper.
Retractable Belt Barriers Mobile Public Guidance Stopper Design 2012
Design belt barriers, mobile crowd control & queuing. Customizable posts and bases - Stopper master and point.
Rope Post Barriers Mobile Crowd Control Queuing Tex 2012
Rope and post barriers - mobile double cord system. Classic and mini posts. Public guidance with Tex double.

KUNSTDUNGER, JANSEN DISPLAY, Stopper, Tex, Stopper-Point, Antipanic, Tex-Wall, Stopper-Eco, Master, BELTRAC, TENSA-BARRIER, EASYLINE, Tape, Cord

European design, manufacturing & quality.
Easy customizable to achieve more than 400 configurations.
Possibly best internet prices! Also for belt printing.

Retractable Belts System - STOPPER

Standard belt length is 3 meters, so to cover the distance there are needed less number of posts.
Fine-tuned spring mechanism ensures even tension independently of actually retracted length.
System consists of separately exchangeable components - cassettes with belts + posts + bases - giving more than 400 design combinations for various style interiors and tastes.
Each post accepts 3 incoming belts, making it possible to produce row, cross, T-shape, polygonal and irregular configurations.
There are 6 types of belts and 2 colour cassettes - black and blue. For certain configurations also grey cassettes are available.
In addition, belts can be printed with colourfull logos or other information.
Also there are possible branding of posts and bases.

New - Anti-panic system.

Magnetic lock - releasing belt by achieving certain tension.
Separate put-on/take-off addition for all existing and new cassettes.

Rope & Post System - TEX

There are choice of 6 posts - chromed and golden plated for 1- or 2-tier ropes and silveranodized aluminium with 2 heights.
Each post can carry up to 8 ropes, making it possible to produce row, T-shape, cross, star, polygonal and irregular configurations.
There are choice of 5 design ropes: high grade synthetic in 4 colours + inox steel.
Ropes have 3 lengths: 1; 1,5 and 2 meters. Synthetic ropes can be cut at custom lengths in between.
2-nd tier can be fixed at any height.

Banner system - based on rope posts.

By attaching one more component - beams, rope system can be transformed into banner carrier.
Both - ropes and banners - can be used simultaneously.


Additional advantage - at the top of both system posts there can be simply added information and notice displays or brochure pocket:
  • Chrome,
  • Alu,
  • Gold,
  • Brass,
  • Glass,
  • Classic,
  • Velvet,
  • Velour,
  • Twisted,
  • Braided,
  • Plaited

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